JP Gill & Sons’ Bulls Set to Star in Rodeo 4 Life


Today, Rodeo 4 Life announced that JP Gill & Sons’ prized rodeo bulls will be the starring attraction in the rodeo spectacular at the WIN Entertainment Centre on Saturday 30 November 2019.

What stands JP Gill & Sons’ prized rodeo bulls apart from other breeders is the Gill family philosophy that’s been handed down from generation to generation. Every bull born on the Gill family property at The Rock is loved, nurtured, and educated from birth which is why at just 3-to-4 weeks of age, the calves will run up to Happy and Sons looking for affection, attention and their supper. They grow up smart and accustomed to working with people. And they grow up surrounded by their great uncles and aunts, cousins, brothers and sisters. They’re more than a herd, they’re a family, and each of them has their own personality and characteristics just like people.

JP Gill & Sons’ bulls start their performance career at approximately 3-4 years of age and are ridden in the rodeo arena for around 2 minutes each year, retiring at around 10-12 years of age. These bulls live comfortable, stress-free lives roaming and grazing the green pastures where they were born.  Each are individually hand fed daily with good quality oats, lucerne hay and molasses licks for additional vitamins to ensure they remain content and in peak condition.

When these pampered bulls travel from Wagga Wagga to Wollongong to star in Rodeo 4 Life, they’ll travel in style and comfort in their own purpose built semi-trailer standing on special soft bedding (a mixture of sawdust and sand) rather than standing on a cold steel floor. En route they’ll be unloaded at specific intervals and rested to stretch their legs and shoot the breeze in readiness for their 8 seconds of stardom in the WIN Entertainment rodeo arena.

Currently, JP Gill & Sons have around 60 rodeo bulls and over 100 cows, young bulls and calves who live a good, free and easy life and when they retire, they live out their twilight years in the paddocks of their birth being handfed and watching over the next generation of JP Gill & Sons’ rodeo champions.

The audience will be thrilled at this spectacular night of entertainment when a star-studded line-up of bull riding daredevil cowboys will fight the odds to stay mounted for the full 8 seconds on the legendary JP Gill and Sons’ mightiest rodeo bulls as they compete for the championship title and a whopping $30,000 in prize money.

Tickets on sale on the 8 August 2019. Book now at Ticketmaster

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