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The Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (RPA) is Australia’s pioneer in kidney and liver transplantation research and surgery with organ transplantation one of the many miracles of modern medicine created at RPA.

And while thousands of lives have been saved through organ transplant surgery, there are still many more Australian’s who won’t survive without vital research to increase the number of life-saving transplants that can be performed each year.

Rodeo 4 Life, the biggest fundraising event ever held for the RPA Transplant Institute, aims to increase awareness of organ donation and secure funding for specialised research by the RPA Transplant Institute – research that will benefit all Australians in need of an organ transplant.

Thanks to the funds raised from Rodeo 4 Life, the RPATI will be able to continue with the development of a world first organ perfusion system that will be able to extend organ viability from the current length of just a few hours to become viable for several days. This will allow more organs to be made available for transplant and a greater number of Australian lives to be saved.

Organ machine perfusion both preserves organs and enables previously unsuitable organs to be reconditioned and made suitable for transplantation.

This form of research is growing rapidly on a global scale. Without this vital funding from Rodeo 4 Life, RPA wouldn’t have the capacity to keep up with current research and development trends.

By supporting this special event, patrons will be helping fund essential research enabling the RPA Transplant Institute to reach their end goal faster – to increase the quantity and quality of organs available for patients in need of transplantation to save the lives of many more Australians.

The most humbling experience I’ve ever had in my life was to receive an organ transplant. I’m so grateful when I think that someone cared enough and had the forethought to donate their organs to others – what greater gift could you possible give to someone than this.

I hope that through Rodeo 4 Life we can raise funds for the RPATI machine perfusion research studies and build greater awareness of organ donation so that these things will work together to increase the number of life-saving transplants in Australia. This is my quest.”  Doug Vickers OAM


  1. Decide to become an organ donor
  2. 2.Register today by visiting donatelife.gov.au
  3. .Talk to your family and friends – tell them your decision and invite them to register to become and organ donor too!
  4. Make your tax-deductible donation [link to MyCause page] to the RPA Transplant Institute TODAY to further research into organ transplantation to help save lives!

About the RPA Transplant Institute

The RPA Transplant Institute was founded in 2006 to promote and support transplant research projects undertaken by scientists and transplant clinicians at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (RPA), the University of Sydney and the Children’s Hospital at Westmead.

In its first ten years, the RPA Transplant Institute funded many vital life-saving transplant research programmes that initiated innovative ideas and converted them into high quality research capable of saving and improving the lives of transplant recipients.

As the world continues to change at a rapid pace through the development of technologies that assist science and medical research, thanks to the funds raised by Rodeo 4 Life, the Institute plans to undertake Australia’s first organ machine perfusion research to improve organ preservation and regeneration.

This vital research will set a new Australian benchmark providing far-reaching benefits to all Australians in need of life-saving organ transplant surgery.

Pioneering Kidney and Liver Transplant Research at RPA

Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (RPA) has long been Australia’s leader in life-saving organ transplant research and surgery having performed Australia’s first kidney transplant in 1967.

Since 1967, more than 3000 kidney transplants have been performed at RPA giving thousands of Australians freedom from dialysis and a second chance at life.

RPA also specialises in liver transplants and leads the Australian National Liver Transplantation Unit established in 1986. The Unit is a combined facility of Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, the Children’s Hospital at Westmead and University of Sydney and is internationally recognised as a centre of excellence in liver transplantation surgery.

Since 1986, RPA has been perhaps the largest liver transplantation program in Australia having performed more than 1940 liver transplants at either RPA or The Children’s Hospital at Westmead (formerly Camperdown).

However, for those on the liver transplant waiting list, some will lose their fight for life because of the limited number of organs available.

Thanks to Rodeo 4 Life, RPA Transplant Institute will be able to conduct state-of-the-art organ machine perfusion research in a significant effort to increase the number of life-saving kidney and liver transplants that can be performed in Australia each year.

To support life-saving organ donation research, purchase tickets or make your tax-deductible donation today to the RPA Transplant Institute.

To register to save lives by becoming an organ donor, visit Donate Life.

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